Usually, I’m one to keep my Sundays mellow so I don’t suffer any fun-weekend-hangover at work on the following Monday. But this time, how could I pass up a Sunday excursion with friends that included the Los Angeles Auto Show and a Lakers game? I’ve been a loyal patron of the LA Auto Show ever since my sophomore year in college, so this year marked my 4th year of attending.

But wow, Sunday may not have been the best day to go. In addition to the auto show at the Convention Center, there was a Clippers game going on next door during the day, followed by a Lakers game and the AMAs. This just might had been one of the most crowded Sundays that Downtown LA has ever seen. At least, I had never seen downtown this bustling on a weekend. Navigating the streets was certainly a pain, and finding parking almost caused an aneurysm, but my mood definitely lifted once I was inside amongst the beautiful cars (and immense throng of people).

People have commented that as each year goes by, the LA Auto Show falls short of impressing car fanatics (cheers to that one year when the Aston Martin One-77 was brought in), and I have to agree on some level, but this year still had some impressive and highly anticipated highlights. The Honda FCEV concept was interesting to see with its eccentric futuristic-esque design. The 918 Spyder was quite a sight too, since one doesn’t exactly see that on a daily basis. There was also the monstrous Youbian Puma, a $1.1 million Hummer-sized convertible. One of my all-time favorites, the Lexus LFA, was on display this year once again. One of the cars that generated much frenzy was the new Jaguar F-type, which I favored more in coupe-form than in convertible-form. The Lexus concept LC-LF was also quite a beauty. For the BMW fans, there was the new 4-series, and for the gamers, there was a real-life Mercedes Benz Vision GT from Playstation 3. There was even something for the zombie buffs – by the entrance of the South Hall was a display inspired by The Walking Dead with its Zombie Survival Machines. Pretty gnarly stuff.

After perusing through the cars, it was onto the Lakers v. Kings game next door at Staples Center, where the Lakers won 100 – 86. It was my first in-person game, and after dealing with a bit of vertigo at first, I got swept up into the moment. The energy was crazy! Plus, I was also able to check out the American Express Platinum Lounge, courtesy of my friend, so that was a cool experience. But wow, what a tiring Sunday! I woke up this morning (Monday) and walked straight into the wall before I was able to right myself and proceed to the bathroom. Happy Monday!

DSC04517 DSC04718 DSC04721 DSC04723 DSC04726 DSC04730 DSC04735 DSC04737 DSC04743



DSC04752 DSC04753


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