Happy 2014! A month ago, I did a look that featured my black varsity jacket with a flared skirt. This outfit is very similar! Originally, I had paired my burgundy skirt with a little black cardigan, but the day got chilly and I thought it was best to put on a jacket over my cardigan to avoid catching a cold.

Now, this was during the daytime on New Years Eve, and when I went out to walk my dog, I was pleased with how peaceful the neighborhood was! Perhaps everyone was indoors prepping for NYE dinner or away on vacation, but this was definitely a lovely afternoon on the last day of 2013. Even the daylight hours seemed to last longer than that on most other days during this winter season. Was all this a sign that acted as a friendly farewell to 2013 and a welcoming embrace for 2014? I’d like to think so!

DSC05093 DSC05099 DSC05101 DSC05109 DSC05114

Tank: H&M | Cardigan: Victoria’s Secret | Skirt: Missguided | Jacket: Forever 21 | Stockings: Hue | Booties: Madden Girl

Photos by Joselyn


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