Happy Sunday! If you, like me, had been enjoying some sort of break-time away from school or work, you are probably resuming normal schedules tomorrow. I, for one, am not exactly looking forward to Monday. I have been thoroughly enjoying sleeping in, having no stressful deadlines, and going about my day and dressing as I please. Today was the quintessential lazy Sunday, complete with a coffee run and a simple dark outfit comprised of jeggings and a dolman sweater (it was almost like wearing leggings and a loose sweater, but not as slumpy!).

This is my first time where I don’t have to return to a new quarter of school. But after these past few months of working in an office setting, I have to say that I do miss school! Perhaps I don’t miss the studying and the exams, but I do miss the student life and the freedom it comes with it. But what’s interesting is that when I was a student, I subconsciously stemmed my creativity when it came to my wardrobe. You could say that my dad harbors extremely conservative views, especially when it comes to dress styles, and although he and I rarely see eye to eye on things, I guess that some of his ideals had planted themselves into my mindset, and so, throughout my years as a student, I believed that as a student, I should dress like a student. My style evolved quite slowly during my college years, partly because I wanted to work to earn the money to expand my closet, but mainly because dressing like a student meant a sensible wardrobe to navigate around campus — heels, dresses, layers of accessories were out of the question.

But once I graduated, my style evolution started picking up speed. I learned to live in dresses and skirts (both bodycon and skater), and I could finally openly embrace my love for heels — heeled boots, wedged heel sneakers, heeled sandals, heeled pumps… basically heeled everything. Now that I no longer have to check myself off as a student for the occupation questions on forms, I’ve opened many doors for myself in terms of wardrobe creativity. I’ve never really been one to follow trends; I prefer to set my own based on what I think looks good. I’m also not exactly a fan of labels, so I don’t like to assign a specific category to my style, but all in all, I love this new fashion freedom. I love my new life as a fashion chameleon. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how my style continues to evolve, and it’ll definitely be exciting to see my wardrobe choices next year around this time.

Best of luck to those starting school or work tomorrow! Fingers crossed for a fantastic, non-stressful Monday full of smiles!

DSC05177 DSC05178

Sweater: Windsor (similar) | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Madden Girl (similar here and here) | Watch: Guess | Bracelet: Victoria’s Secret

Photos by Joselyn


One thought on “STYLE EVOLUTION

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