Hello from Las Vegas! Sorry about the lack of regular posts – it’s been a busy week (no surprise, I know), and with my weekend leisure time claimed entirely by Vegas, it’s been nearly impossible to squeeze blogging in. But I will admit that I’m very happy with the change of weather. As great as California’s winter heat is, I really need me some true winter chilliness, and Vegas is providing me with some perfect jacket-appropriate temperatures.

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you may probably remember that I got a new pair of Michael Kors heels a few days ago. Well, I thought Vegas would be a fitting occasion to break them in! So on the first night here, I took them out for their first spin in the real world (well, as real as Sin City can get), and I paired them with a body-conscious dress from Club L. The dress features a headturning color-block of black and bright pink, so I down-played the rest of the outfit with minimal accessories.

Tonight commences the second night here in Las Vegas! Time to plan out Look #2… especially since I have some big plans tonight!


Dress: Club L | Heels: Michael Kors | Necklace: Mango (similar) | Bracelet: Victoria’s Secret

Photos by Herman


3 thoughts on “VIVA LAS VEGAS LOOK 1

  1. That is a fantastic dress; paired with some wonderful heels. The back zipper enclosure is awesome. You have a great outfit here and I think you give it the spark! I am excited to see the next outfit. 😉

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