On Valentine’s Day, I received a beautiful gift box – aptly named “The Boutique Box” – from DSW! Included were the following useful (and adorable) goodies:

  • Lucia Soap
  • Hollywood Fashion Tape
  • One Wink Earrings
  • Urban Expressions Cosmetic Bag
  • Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears
  • Jouer Eyeshadow

Such a great bundle. I haven’t used anything yet (how and where to start?!) except for the colorful earrings, which I took out to play with for this set of photos. I figured it matched brilliantly with my pastel blue Portofino shirt from Express. It was just such a beautiful, sunny day that bright colors were definitely a necessity!

OH, and I must share something, even though it’s already past Valentine’s Day. I know everyone thinks his/her significant other is THE best in the world, but I really do think mine tops all 🙂 Just last night, I received an email from Nordstrom that my ever-so-coveted pair of Sam Edelman ‘Kayla’ boots finally came back in stock online in my size, my color. It was perfect! I had wanted these boots for the past 5+ months and they’ve always been out of my size and color, but now the opportunity had presented itself to me. I could finally check off one of the items on my ever growing wishlist. But, of course, timing can be a witch (see what I did there? Keeping this place G friendly), and it just so happened that my boots are back in stock at a time when I simply can’t afford to drop $300 on a pair of shoes. So the conversation (paraphrased and shortened for your sake) ensued –

H: You should buy the boots!
Me: I can’t. $300 is over my budget at the moment! 
H: But you’ve been wanting these for so long!
Me: I know. But my frontal lobe is telling me I should save this $300 to spend on something more…constructive…
H: You just got a check for $200. I’ll chip in the rest of the $100 to help you buy your boots.

“I’ll chip in the rest of the $100.” This might be a small gesture to you, perhaps easily overlooked, but that really made an impression on me. This is a man who genuinely puts my interests first and who will do literally anything (within reason, obviously) to make me happy and help me get what I want. And to me, that beats looks, body type, hair, car, and whatever else girls list on their “checkboxes” for their ideal guy. Of course, I couldn’t take him up on that offer (not that kind of girl, alright?) and had to relinquish those beautiful boots, but either way… I think I’ve hit the jackpot, everyone.

DSC04028 DSC04029DSC04030DSC04034DSC04038DSC04039DSC04040DSC04041DSC04042

Top: Express | Bottom: Mango (old) | Heels: Enzo Angiolini (similar) | Bag: Asos (similar) | Earrings: One Wink

Photos by Herman


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