Happy Sunday! I like to keep my Sundays laidback and comfortable, and since it was so brilliantly sunny with just a hint of cool breeze, I thought it was a perfect day to bring out some stripes and achromatic colors! Usually, I try to avoid striped skirts (or really, striped anything) because I already have what is considered wide hips, and I don’t like drawing too much unflattering attention towards them. However, what I noticed is that stripes in flared skirts, like this skater skirt, doesn’t create that widening illusion, so I was all for trying it out. To finish off the look, I threw on a comfortable light sweatshirt (last seen here) and my go-to heeled booties for an easygoing but polished appearance. Now, I have to add that it was really bright while shooting these, so please excuse my mildly squinty eyes in some shots!

Thanks for reading!

DSC04203 DSC04205 DSC04210 DSC04215 DSC04218

Top: Mango | Skirt: Victoria’s Secret Pink | Booties: Madden Girl | Bag: Michael Kors | Accessories: Morgan De Toi, Tiffany & Co

Photos by Herman


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