I will never agree with Daylight Savings. My body just refuses to go along with it! Yesterday, I was hit with a very clingy migraine that slowly intensified with each hour’s passing (I partially blame the heat), even when I popped two Advil pills so I could get some sleep, and it still refused to leave me alone this morning when I woke up! Then when we took these photos in the afternoon, the lighting just would not cooperate with us, so that took a lot of patience and trial/error test shots (by the way – yes, those are frogs in the background. Why? I really have no idea!). Talk about a crazy Monday.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow will run more smoothly! Also, is it crazy that I’m SEVERELY missing the chilly weather?!

DSC04458 DSC04465 DSC04466 DSC04482

Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Michael Antonio | Bag: Michael Kors | Accessories: Express cuff, Morgan De Toi watch

Photos by Herman


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