Happy Humpday! This week has been consistently sunny with a chance of breeze, so it’s been real nice venturing outside. And with spring just around the corner on March 20 (the official start of spring, that is), flowers are beginning to bloom and color is slowly starting to inject itself into nature!

This sweater certainly adds to the spring celebratory feel with its shoulder sparkles! It’s a little something different my friend has been encouraging me to try, so as a belated Christmas gift, she got me this lovely sweater. Even with the studded features, it’s a versatile sweater (not to mention lightweight!) so it’s easily dressed up or down, but in this case, I decided to dress it up by pairing it with sheer tights and patent pumps. Perhaps sometime down the line, I’ll do another feature on this adorable sweater on here and go for a casual vibe!

DSC04517 DSC04520 DSC04521 DSC04523 DSC04527

Sweater: Gibson (thanks to a dear friend) | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Stockings: Calvin Klein | Heels: Cole Haan | Bag: Mango | Accessories: Agatha Paris bracelet

Photos by Herman


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