A warm hello to the weekend! Recently, I was contacted by Kendra Thornton, travel guru and founder of Thornton PR, previously featured on news channels and television shows such as  Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus, and invited to be part of a collaboration fashion challenge. In a nutshell, Kendra will be visiting Disney World’s Epcot Theme Park in Orlando, Florida, sometime in the near future during this fabulous spring season, and the objective of the challenge is to put together my fashion choices for that particular destination. To help everyone understand a bit more about the fashion challenge, co-hosted by Gogobot, a reputable travel review site, Kendra wrote up a personalized piece for me to include within this post. In her own words: words
Before I go on any further, I just have to make it be known that it was surprisingly really fun putting together this post. It was certainly a challenge figuring out my visions for the outfits and then searching for the right pieces, but I realized that this activity helped me work out the creative side of my brain, and not to mention, it also allowed me to come across so many new items to add to my never-ending wishlist! Now, as a girl who forever faces headaches at “packing light,” I love having options when it comes to my wardrobe, so I decided to put together not one but three different looks centering around three different themes – edgy, girly, and relaxed. Because the timeframe is set for spring in Orlando, warm weather was a big factor when I was creating these looks. I tailored the outfits to be comfortable, lightweight, and airy, but I also included a light outerwear for each look in case the temperature drops at a given time for some reason. A cardigan can be easily stashed in a shoulder bag (or slung over an arm). A chambray shirt, or even a denim jacket, can be tied around the waist. After all, it’s always better to be prepared in case of emergencies! And now, finally, read on for my picks!


Last year, when I visited Disneyland in Anaheim, California, I saw this Minnie tank top in one of the stores inside Tomorrowland and immediately fell in love with the design, so of course I had to feature it here! Also, I’d just like to point out something about this pair of black denim shorts that I chose to feature. I personally like shorts that offer an inseam of at least 2.5″, and this pair actually has a 4″ inseam. One of my pet peeves at Disneyland is seeing girls with such tiny shorts that their cheeks (and not the ones on the face) are practically hanging out. I know it may get hot, but keep your outfits kid-friendly, please!

Tank: Disney Store
Shorts: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan: New Look (Also love this one. Afraid of the cold? Try a faux leather jacket instead.)
Bag: Mango
Princess Minnie Headband: Disney Store
Booties: Tobi (Too studded for your taste? Try this. Or, a combat boot works too.)


This “girly” look is probably my favorite of the three. I’m quite fond of bright prints for the warmer weather (after all, flowers are in full bloom, so your wardrobe should be too!), so I just absolutely adore this printed skirt. I also love this Mulberry-inspired satchel that Forever 21 offers, and in that cream color, it is undeniably suitable for spring! When it comes to theme parks, I prefer bags that offer both a shoulder strap and an arm handle: When my shoulders become sore from the weight, I can easily switch to toting around my bag on my arms. Size is also important. I don’t want my bag so big that it becomes cumbersome, especially when I want to stow them on rides, but they must be big enough for me to stash my essentials, such as water, sunscreen, chapstick, camera, and snacks.

Tee: Chinti and Parker
Skirt: Boohoo (Too flamboyant? Try this)
Chambray Shirt: Gap
Bag: Forever 21
Sequined Minnie Headband: Disney Store (also LOVE these floral headbands!)
Flats: Sole Society


Blues and neutrals are definitely the key color scheme here. And these Keds sneakers designed by Taylor Swift are simply too adorable. Although this particular pair contributes to the color scheme (as opposed to adding a pop of color), they still add a bit of a unique touch to the whole look. Growing up, I’ve worn Keds and Converse sneakers everywhere and have been very happy, so I swear by them when it comes to sneaker comfort!

Tee: River Island
Shorts: Madewell
Denim Jacket: American Eagle (Prefer a vest instead? Try this)
Backpack: River Island
Fedora: Forever 21
Sneakers: Taylor Swift for Keds (Too colorful? Try this pair in cream)

Individual item photos courtesy of credited sites.

Collage put together by me.



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