Good morning!

I hope everyone had a restful weekend! I started mine off on Friday with a quick trip into UCLA and Beverly Hills for a mini-date with my sister! It was a beautiful sunny day in west Los Angeles, so I opted for one of my new favorites – the chambray shirt (last seen here) – and went with a blue/white theme. While I had on the blues, my sister was rocking bright hues in the form of a skater skirt. We were definitely in a bright, summery mood!

During one of our stops, I introduced my sister to one of my favorite spots: Sugarfina! It’s a gorgeous candy boutique located conveniently on Santa Monica Blvd around the famous Rodeo Drive, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s gorgeous! From the minute you walk in, you’re surrounded by a Tiffany blue theme with posh packagings and beautifully arranged candy and merchandise (I just want to buy all the greeting cards they have for sale). Everything is so elegant… from the shelves to their carrier bags! I’m honestly not a huge candy person, but I’m a sucker for beautiful decor.

As for the candy itself, everything is to die for! Or, if you don’t want to be as dramatic as me, just know that it’s all at least worth a try! The lovely staff will offer you generous samples and provide helpful suggestions if you’re having trouble deciding amongst the many different candy. I definitely haven’t tried everything yet, but so far, my personal favorites are the champagne bears, the peach bellini, the champagne bubbles, and the seasonal chocolate marshmallow eggs. Imported from all over the world, these little delicacies will make beautiful (and fun!) gifts, or even as a brilliant self-indulgent present (I’m guilty of that)! Thank you Sugarfina for making beautiful gourmet candy, providing a gorgeous candy-tasting environment, and giving me the chance to love candy again!

Scroll on to see some of my shots of the interior!

9495 S Santa Monica Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


DSC05269_2 DSC05276_2 DSC05282_2 DSC05283_2 DSC05271_2 DSC05275 DSC05246 DSC05247 DSC05248 DSC05250 DSC05251

Top: Tobi | Shirt: American Eagle | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Guess | Bag: Michael Kors | Accessories: Forever 21 belt, Morgan de Toi watch

Photos of me by Joselyn
Photos of Sugarfina by yours truly


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