Happy belated Easter! I spent the Saturday of my Easter weekend in pastels at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad with H. It was our second year in a row to visit, but we will forever be blown away by the beauty of the place. If this destination is on your to-visit list, don’t forget that it is only open from March to May of each year, and the last day it’ll be open for this year is May 11!

Timing was on our side for this day. The weather was gorgeous: sunny with a hint of breeze. We got to the Flower Fields late afternoon, so the sunlight was soft and provided great lighting for photos. Needless to say, it was relaxing and very enjoyable walking amongst such beautiful colors. Naturally, the grounds are dirt-covered and there is a bit of uphill and downhill, so I couldn’t help but ogle in sheer disbelief and amusement when I noticed girls balancing in five-inch heels and wedges. I mean, I’m all for heels and dolling up, but you honestly have to take the setting into consideration. I myself had a little trouble deciding on the best footwear for the outing, but in the end, I went with these cream buckle booties from Chelsea Crew that offers a slight but sturdy block heel, and even in hindsight, it was the perfect choice for the Flower Fields. This pair is super cute and stylish, especially with the gold accents, and it’s also extremely comfortable at the same time (not to mention that it complemented so well with my mint-colored skirt and chambray shirt). Bottom line is, it’s so great that I’m even considering getting them in black!

Until next year, Carlsbad!

DSC05501 DSC05502_2 DSC05516_2 DSC05519_2 DSC05520_2 DSC00145 DSC00148 DSC05494_2 DSC05495_2 DSC05496_2 DSC00147 DSC00149 DSC00161 DSC05528_2 DSC05536_2 DSC05546

Cami: Forever 21 | Shirt: American Eagle | Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch | Boots: Chelsea Crew | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Photos of me by Herman
Photos of flowers by yours truly


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