Sometime last year, my sister visited UCLA’s Hammer Museum for an art assignment and she, knowing my penchant for art museums and galleries, encouraged me to check it out. Well, I didn’t get around to it until last week, but it was all for the better because since February of this year, Hammer Museum has lowered its admission fee to…free of charge!

Hammer Museum is relatively small compared to some of the other museums I’ve been to, and it’s centered more around contemporary art, which, to be honest, I’m not hugely fond of (I prefer art from the Renaissance period to the Impressionist era). Regardless, I walked out knowing that my mind had expanded during my short visit. In fact, by the entrance stands a wall installation that boasts a fitting quotation (pictured below) that best describes my post-museum feeling: “You. You are here to get cultured. To get smarter, richer, younger, angrier, funnier, skinnier, hipper, hotter, wiser, weirder, cuter, and kinder.” Well, I definitely felt more cultured. And I decided to feel hipper and richer afterwards too by shopping around the famous Rodeo Dr area with H since we were in the area already anyways.

Now, briefly about the outfit – I knew there would be a bit of walking involved, and I wanted to be very comfortable on my feet outdoors for the entire day, so I put on one of my favorite walking shoes – these Madden Girl booties that are admittedly often seen on this blog (I can’t help it; they’re just THAT comfortable!) – and donned my soft bomber jacket, which adds a casual yet polished touch to any look. Add a black skirt and a statement bib necklace to the equation, and I was ready to go. In hindsight, I should have remembered to get some clear shots of my top by itself. It’s a really pretty but simple cami from Forever 21 that features a surplice front, but it is that surplice front that makes the cami all the more unique. Note to self: next time I wear this top, I must give it some much-deserved time in the spotlight!

DSC05446 DSC05452_2 DSC05456_2 DSC05458_2DSC05469_2DSC05470_2 DSC05461

Top: Forever 21 (also love this style) | Bottom: Zara | Jacket: Express (cute pastel hues here) | Booties: Madden Girl | Bag: Michael Kors | Accessories: Forever 21 necklace, Agatha bracelet, Morgan de Toi watch

Photos by Herman


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