Happy Monday the 5th!

Most people might think of today as filled with Cinco de Mayo party festivities, but I only see today as one thing – it’s the 2014 Met Gala! It’s essentially the Oscars of the fashion world, and it’s one of my favorite yearly events. I can’t exactly pinpoint why, but I love how everyone gets all dolled up for this red carpet event with their own interpretation of the yearly theme. Last year’s theme was punk, which was so vague that it sparked a whole array of looks on the carpet. This year, however, takes dress-to-impress on a whole different scale. With a Charles-James theme, men will be expected to go white-tie, wearing tailcoats, cufflinks, bow ties, and even gloves (top hats are encouraged but not necessary), while women will have to adhere to a ball-gown dress code in honor of the post-war couturier Charles James.

Out of those who are reportedly attending the star-studded event, I’m especially looking forward to seeing Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfit. She’s co-chair this year, which means she will most likely have on a spectacular look (then again, when does she skimp out on style?) AND there are rumors that she will be dressed by Oscar de la Renta, one of my favorite designers. Needless to say, my eyes will be glued to my computer screen tonight! As with my Oscars 2014 red carpet post, I’ll be sure to do a brief write-up of my favorite looks of the evening.

Happy Met Gala 2014! Look out for today’s outfit post to be online shortly!


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