As a style blogger, it’s always nice to find new backdrops to shoot against. Over the weekend, while out on running some errands, H and I stumbled upon this hidden neighborhood, but it didn’t seem like a typical neighborhood around our suburban town. I got out of the car to explore and immediately felt like I had been transported to somewhere on the east coast. The entire neighborhood exuded a charming (and a bit of colonial) touch, and each house had a different design, unlike the uniform homes we’ve been seeing all over town. There were also quaint townhomes that reminded me of the ones I’ve seen in somewhere in Pennsylvania as a little girl. In the center of the neighborhood was a grassy area that stood before a manor-looking structure, which we discovered was the community center. It was such a gorgeous scene that we couldn’t help but take some blog shots even though the afternoon lighting was super bright!

You might recognize this dress from this post. This time, I wore it by itself (it was too hot to wear anything over it!) and injected some color into the overall look with these burgundy wedge flats (last seen here). I was saddened last night when I carefully scrutinized my Michael Kors bag (pictured below) and realized the soft leather is really starting to show signs of age! It’s my favorite bag… I carry it literally everywhere, as you may have noticed from all my blog posts, and I can’t bear the thought of it dying on me. So, my new mission in life is to search for something similar so that I can give this old bag a good rest for a change!

Counting down the hours until the first Met Gala attendees start showing up and photos are sent online!

DSC06006_2 DSC06009_2
DSC06001_2DSC06011_2 DSC06014_2 DSC06015_2

Dress: Forever 21 | Flats: Restricted | Bag: Michael Kors | Belt: Forever 21

Photos by Herman


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