Happy Memorial Day Weekend to my fellow USA friends! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend with great weather, mouth-watering food, and delightful family time! And even if you’re not from the US (I love how diverse my reader stats are), I still wish you the best of the best!

Before we dive into today’s outfit article, I just wanted to share a piece of news I’ve been keeping quiet about for what seemed like the longest time since March when I got a surprise email in my inbox. Somehow, GUESS Watches had come across my Spring Equinox piece where I had accessorized with a GUESS watch and they wanted to feature it on the their official Facebook page. So yes, the post went live today, and you can view it here! Thank you GUESS for reaching out and sharing my blog, and thank you to the fabulous art department for making such a cute collage!


So now that I’ve got the excitement and squealing out of my system, let’s delve into the main topic of today’s article. This tee has been sitting in my closet for just a little over a month simply because I couldn’t fully decide how I wanted to style it. In the end, I chose to simply embody the theme of the top (“Simplicity”) and went with a very minimalist all-black look. Of course, knowing me, I needed something to pop out from the overall darkness, and a gold leaf statement necklace seemed just the right accessory to do the job. The final result definitely differed from my usual girly spring styles, but that’s one perk of being a style chameleon – your look each day can be so different, all based on a whim! It makes deciding what to wear so much less boring!

DSC06645_2 DSC06650_2 DSC06651_3 DSC06631_2 DSC06646_2 DSC06663_2 page DSC06673 DSC06675_2

Top: Boohoo (fast, FREE shipping to US) | Bottom: American Eagle (all jeans under $30 TODAY only; no code necessary!) | Sneakers: Kurt Geiger | Accessories: Forever 21 necklace, GUESS watch, Folli Follie bracelet

Photos by Joselyn


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