Just today, my attention was drawn to Review, a popular line of boutique stores around Australia.

As a girl who loves to strongly channel her feminine side from time to time, I’m always keen to see what a retailer has to offer in terms of its frocks. After spending some time on the site, I discovered a deep love for the dresses from Review. With such cute prints, flirty flared silhouettes, and hues from all over the color spectrum (I love the pastels!), these pieces are perfect for any occasion, whether it be for date night, brunch, garden parties, work, or even formal events such as a wedding celebration. When I first saw the dress collection on the site, I immediately thought, “These are so fitting of Duchess Kate Middleton!” because seriously, they all look so classy with the modest yet stylish length of the hemlines and the different cuts of the necklines. I’m not exactly considered tall with my 5’5 height, but I often have problems finding dresses that are the right length for me. Usually, when I do come across ones that offer my ideal length where the hem hits an inch or two above my knee, those styles either look frumpy or too grandmotherly. But now, I can say good-bye to boring frocks and too-short hemlines and worry no more about showing up to a party only to cringe in horror after seeing another girl float past in the same exact dress!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m hugely fond of the flared silhouette – it emits such a feminine touch while offering an illusion of shrinking the waistline – and I’m so glad that Review plays on this flirty feel by taking classic-looking frocks and spinning them into uniquely stylish, coveted pieces. Granted, the price tag may be considered just slightly steep for certain budget-conscious shoppers, but as always, with good material and one-of-a-kind style comes a higher price to be paid.

Read on to see some of my favorites (I’ve even grouped them into categories for your inspiration), and don’t forget to go check out the entire collection of dresses online from Review!


L to R: Mintie, Strawberries and Cream, RozeldaLarisa

L to R: PoppiePlaza, AlexisKatya

L to R: Belle, Saxton, Adalynn, Liston


L to R: Bellagio, MoiselleTroy, Rocha


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