They say that the best way to prevent people from seeing your flaws is to avoid pointing them out, but for those of you with sharp eyes, I’m just going to head you off and admit that yes, I have noticeable eye bags here. That’s what happens when I lose out on my beauty sleep and skip out on applying some under-eye concealer, but at the same time, I guess this flaw makes me that much more human to my readers (I swear I’m not a fashion zombie!).

Because I love playing with different styles and pitting them together, it came as no surprise that the first idea to pop into my head when I was surveying this hooded zip-up from Victoria’s Secret – too thin for winter but perfect for layering this season – was to juxtapose sporty with girly. A floral skirt and mid heels (last seen here) seemed like just the right pieces, along with grey-toned accessories to match the look. Ankle straps can be tricky, but here’s a key piece of advice regarding ankle straps that I’ve learned along the way: the shorter your legs are, the thinner the strap should be. If you happen to be blessed with longer legs, you can afford to have an inch or two blocked off by the thicker straps.

And speaking of Victoria’s Secret… the retailer is currently offering a super cute summer limited edition tote FREE with a qualifying $65 purchase!

How to redeem: Enter the code FREETOTE at checkout and you’re all set to go!

DSC06844_2 DSC06870_2 DSC06846_3 DSC06854_2 DSC06859 DSC06851_2 DSC06863_2

Top: H&M | Skirt: Forever 21 | Jacket: Victoria’s Secret | Heels: Kurt Geiger | Bag: Kate Spade (similar)

Photos by Herman


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