Tuesday, June 10, 2014: It’s the launch day of the Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker collaboration frames!

As a fashion enthusiast, I’ve been aware of the name Karlie Kloss for quite some time now, even before her admirable soar through the ranks of the intense supermodel world. She is a huge icon and a fantastic role model, so I was super honored when I received a kind and encouraging email last week from the Warby Parker Marketing Team inviting me to help launch the collaboration between Karlie Kloss and Warby Parker that features three new beautiful frames.

Like Karlie, these flattering 1970’s-inspired metal frames are not only feminine but they are also graceful, polished, and full of personality. There’s the Julia, which reflects the classic aviator shape. For the round-lens lovers, there’s the Clara, and then there’s my personal favorite with the Marple which looks to be inspired by the cat-eye silhouette. I love that these frames feature gradient lenses (available in Violet Clover, Sepia Wash, Faded Slate, Copper Fade, and Indigo Wash), which add an elegant yet fun touch when paired with any outfit and downplay the severity and unapproachable impression that some sunglasses tend to give off when worn.

Warby Parker, one of the only carbon-neutral fashion brands in the world, believes in affordable high-quality prescription eye-wear. Each pair is carefully crafted with the finest custom materials and fitted with anti-reflective, polycarbonate prescription lenses, all the while maintaining an aesthetic that is vintage-inspired with a refined contemporary twist, and the frames in the new Karlie Kloss collection are no different!

One of my favorite qualities of Warby Parker is its philanthropic outlook on life. Believing that “everyone has the right to see,” Warby Parker partners with non-profits so that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is donated to someone in need. But Warby Parker doesn’t stop there. In addition to distributing a pair to someone in need, the company strives to see that each sale from the Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker collection will directly benefit the Edible Schoolyard NYC, an organization Karlie holds close to her heart that provides kitchens and gardens to low-income public schools to encourage healthier eating. Specifically, the donations will go towards two community farm stands in Brooklyn and East Harlem, offering kids a hands-on curriculum in learning about healthy food preparation.

Each pair of sunglasses from the Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker collaboration will run you $145 and will be available online and in stores for a limited time. Head on over to Warby Parker now to bookmark your favorite frames and start hinting to friends and family! Adding a stylish new frame to your sunglasses collection while simultaneously helping the greater community… what’s not to love about it? It’s a win-win situation all around!

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