Who else watched the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars?! It was so event-packed and some questions got answered even though more questions were formed, but I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me anymore. I have a love/hate relationship with the show. It’s so frustratingly exaggerated and the plot has become ridiculously muddled by now yet I can’t stop watching! If you’re in need of a recap of the season premiere (or just want spoilers without having to sit through an hour), check out this great recap article on Entertainment Weekly! I’m not sure how much more the storyline can be spun for an additional two renewed seasons, but I’m excited (yet slightly wary) to see how this all plays out.

And while we’re on the subject of entertainment, I highly recommend the movie Edge of Tomorrow! I haven’t been charmed by Tom Cruises’s movies since the last installment of Mission Impossible, but Edge of Tomorrow brought me right back to being a fan of his films. The storyline was well put together and so action-packed to the point that I walked out of the theater with my muscles sore from being so tensed up the entire duration of the movie. Additionally, I can’t fully express how much I loved Emily Blunt in the film. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since Devil Wears Prada, and she still impresses me each time I watch her in action. Talk about a major girl crush.

On another note, let’s change gears and talk a little about this look of the day. H and I had dinner reservations at Fleming’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills (when in doubt, get the filet mignon!), and I decided to wear this tribal print high-low piece from Forever 21. It’s actually more gorgeous in person, if you can believe that. Although it’s from Forever 21 (and therefore comes with an affordable price tag), the material feels high-quality to the touch and falls so elegantly around me. The dress features a caged cut-out waist, but I didn’t want to bare too much unnecessary skin at such a classy establishment, so to cover up, I wore a simple back cami underneath the dress.

Thanks for reading! It’s Hump Day Wednesday, so if you’re in need of a midweek pick-me-up, here is a page with three videos of 44 baby goats going on an evening run! Enjoy!

DSC07005_2 DSC07039_3 DSC07054_2DSC06995_2DSC06944_2DSC06971_2DSC07050_2

Dress: Forever 21 (similar prints and styles here, here, and here) | Jacket: Mango | Booties: Madden Girl | Bag: Michael Kors

Photos by Herman


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