A quick midweek hello!

It’s Wednesday, which means FOUR more days until the season 7 premiere of True Blood! It’s the final season, and I’m already dreading having to say goodbye to one of my favorite TV series. If you’re a fan, like me, and want a quick recap of seasons one through six before the big night on Sunday, here’s a good refresher video!

But anyways, back to talking about the outfit of the day, even though it’s completely unrelated to True Blood. There really is no other word to describe it besides “casual.” And maybe “young,” because I feel like this look reflects something I would see on a high school girl (perhaps it’s the effect of the Converse sneakers). Either way, it’s a great comfy look for a laidback day. I’ve always been fond of utility jackets; they’re lightweight, durable, and oddly stylish. More often than not, I see people pair utility jackets with leggings and combat boots, so this time around, I decided to be a little different and match mine with a summery striped dress.

And speaking of utility jackets… I’ve listed some of my favorite styles here in my SeaWorld journal post!

Have an amazing rest of your day, and, as always, thank you for reading!

DSC07227_2 DSC07229_2 DSC07230_2 page DSC07231_2

Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Express
Sneakers: Converse
Belt: Express

Photos by Herman


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