Happy Sunday! It is now OFFICIALLY summer, even though it’s felt like it since months ago with the persisting heat in Southern California. And doesn’t it feel like it was merely a couple of weeks ago when Spring came into town (remember my Spring Equinox post?)? Where has time gone?!

On Friday evening, H and I went out to satiate our palates at a new Chinese restaurant in Orange County – J Zhou Oriental Cuisine. I was initially fooled by the name: the “Oriental” part threw me for a loop and I thought this would be another typical Americanized Chinese place (think P.F. Chang or Pei Wei, or even an upscale version of Panda Express). However, it turned out that this place, despite the gaudily posh interior, is actually authentically Chinese, and the food was right up to my standards! Like most Chinese places, the dinner is quite extravagantly pricey even for the quality, so I do suggest going for lunch (and getting dimsum) if you ever get the chance!

As for the outfit, it actually involved a different story. Prior to dinner, I had to swing by my local passport facility to get my picture taken, but before I could do so, I was out completing some errands and, thanks to traffic, was running behind schedule. I needed to change my top (I was wearing a logo tee earlier and that is always a definite no-no for passport pictures), so I had to rush home to do a quick outfit change. Throwing on a simple marled tee was easy (fix the sheerness of the shirt by wearing a bralette underneath, such as this one from Victoria’s Secret), but I wasn’t too sure what to pair it with, and in my haste, I desperately scanned my “bottoms” section of my closet and my eyes landed on this skirt (you may recognize its purple counterpart from this post)! Sometimes, it really is amazing how quickly your brain works under time pressure.

Summer weather means a lot more chances to wear heels and cute skirts, but at the same time, I’m still mourning over the lack of a semi-real winter here this year. Clearly, I’m more fit to live in Alaska or Iceland…but let’s not dwell on the negativity! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

DSC07276_2 DSC07284_2DSC07304_2DSC07293_2DSC07299_2DSC07294_2DSC07309_2

Top: Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Skirt: Boohoo
Heels: G by GUESS
Accessories: Forever 21 belt (similar), Agatha Paris chain bracelet, Kate Spade cuff (similar)
Bag: Michael Kors

Photos by Herman


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