blog 2Happy Hump Day Wednesday!!

As we all very clearly know by now, thanks to my constant complaints, I’m no big fan of the summer heat. But, when there are discomforts, you try to make the best of it with as much outside help as possible. Thankfully, Influenster, an online community of trendsetting consumers, chose to host a summer themed “Surf’s Up VoxBox” giveaway this month, and I was sent a box that included 1) a coupon for a free Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit, 2) Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion, 3) First Aid Shot Therapy, 4) SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish, and 4) COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous by LashBlast Mascara. Basically, the people behind Influenster select a certain number of bloggers and “influencers” each month to pass out freebies for testing/feedback purposes, and I’m happy to give my two cents. After all, sharing is caring, right? To learn more (and how you can join in on this awesome party), see this page!

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion

“Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun is the first and only after sun product that combines ribbons of gel and lotion to leave your skin feeling luxurious and refreshed. Features & Benefits: 24 hours of luxurious moisturization with refreshing hydrating ribbons; lightweight feel; coconut papaya fragrance; refreshes sun-tired skin with soothing aloe gel.”
Available here, here, and here

DSC07401Here’s a confession: I’ve never used any Hawaiian Tropic products before. Therefore, maybe it’s a good thing that my first experience with the brand is with this “after-sun” lotion, because now I’ve developed a liking for Hawaiian Tropic and am even curious about its other products (first impressions really are everything)!

The scent of a lotion makes all the difference to me. Whenever I’m in need of a new bottle, I stand in the aisle trying out all the different scents like a fragrance addict. If I’m not a fan of the fragrance, I don’t even consider getting that particular product at all. This Hawaiian Tropic lotion, true to its name, boasts a tropical coconut papaya scent, and I love it! Not only is it not sickly overpowering, but the fragrance is actually refreshing after a long, hot day in the sun. It’s also delightfully non-greasy, and it blends into the skin so well. Super moisturizing with a luxurious feel at a decent price….all packed into a travel-sized bottle! I honestly can’t think of anything negative!

DSC07418 bio DSC07416_2

Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit

“Now you can enjoy your favorite Jamba Juice smoothie anytime, anywhere. Just add juice and blend! Loaded with delicious fruits and yogurt, our fat-free, gluten-free smoothie kits include a healthy antioxidant boost, one full serving of fruit and 100% daily value of Vitamin C. Try our new dairy free Fruit & Veggie Smoothies.”
$2.99 – $3.49
Available at your local grocery store

DSC07397_2Remember my power smoothie article? If, for some reason, that version was a little too complicated for you to make, you can always go out to your local grocery store and pick up a pack of Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit for some at-home blender fun! There are eight different flavor packs to choose from (including a green one for you veggie juicers), and after standing in front of the freezer section, awkwardly holding up foot traffic, I decided to redeem my coupon for a free pack and go with Strawberries Wild.

Here’s a brief overview of what was included in the bag, as stated on the Jamba Juice page: frozen strawberries, frozen nonfat yogurt (cultured pasteurized nonfat milk, fat free milk solids, frozen bananas, sugar)

As always, I like to deviate from the rules a bit, and so even though the instructions state to “just add apple juice,” I decided to nix the apple juice and instead throw in a cut up organic white peach and chia seeds, topped off with some organic lemonade.

The result was delicious (what can I say? I just go weak at the knees for a refreshing cup of fruit smoothie), but I did think it was a tad on the sweeter side (I never add sugar into my own homemade smoothies). I also like the freedom of being able to completely customize my smoothies, and so while I think that the Jamba Juice smoothie kits are a great and fast way to get a smoothie fix, I’ll stick to obtaining my own fruits from the market and concocting my own drinks (it’s cheaper too, if you think about it) for the time being. After all, I don’t mind taking the time to wash/peel/cut my own fruits!

DSC07394_2 DSC07399_2

 Photos by Josephine



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