Today is the last Sunday of June 2014. It’s the LAST Sunday of June 2014!

I remember thinking years back (especially during high school) that time seemed to crawl along and I just wanted to grow up and hit my prime twenties (25 seemed like the golden age to my high-school self). But now, all I want is time to slow down! I feel like time has been just spinning so fast ever since I graduated college (OK, even my college years seemed to whiz past super quickly) that I almost feel immense pressure every day when I think about this – pressure that I don’t have enough time to do everything I would like to do before my real adult years (30+) settle in!

But at the same time, it is this sort of thinking that allows me to fully appreciate each time I get to go on a “day-cation” and break away from my daily (monotonous) routine. Take yesterday, for example: Thanks to Bank of America corporate, H and I received a comped visit to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles! I’ve always held a bit of special interest in historical animals, and even though I had already been to the Smithsonian one in Washington D.C., this was still quite a rewarding experience for me. I especially loved the newly opened Dinosaur Hall (not surprising considering I’ve always been fascinated by dinosaurs), and it seemed so coincidentally fitting because it was only on Friday night that I watched the fourth installment of one of my all-time favorite movie franchises – Transformers – in theaters… and I’d be lying if I said the dinobots weren’t one of my favorite aspects of the film. Even if you aren’t a fan of Transformers, I’d recommend going to see the movie just to watch (and hear) the Pagani Huayra in action. I probably will never get over how beautiful and intricate that car is; it truly is a work of art, and I was lucky enough to see it in person twice: once in Newport Beach, and once in Beverly Hills.

But I digress. Below, I’ve put together a brief photo diary from the Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum. You’ll also notice two food-related pictures (no surprise there, given my love for good food). A trip to the museum is never complete without some post-visit sustenance, and a visit to Honeymee for honey milk ice cream and Marugame Monzo for udon was definitely called for!

As for tomorrow… Be on the look out for a full and new outfit post!

DSC00251 DSC07459DSC00244 DSC0024520140628_174723 20140628_195357



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