What you’re seeing here is a simple casual Sunday look from this past weekend, but before I delve into more of that, I wanted to take a minute and talk about the evolution of my inspiration (also gives some backstory to this blog. Further backstory can be found here).

Remember when a typical girl’s room would be plastered with magazine pictures, posters, and even bulletin boards that harbored hundreds of random colorful thumbtacks holding even more editorial cut-outs? I used to be guilty of that too. I was an avid reader of Seventeen and Harper’s Bazaar magazines, and I loved marking some of my favorite looks with post-its, cutting them out, and then tacking them on my walls and bulletin boards for style inspiration. This was before I had my own budget to really style my wardrobe.

But then came along college, part-time jobs, and Tumblr. I finally had money I could truly call my own, and of course, I immediately set aside some of it for wardrobe-purposes. I always felt a nagging sensation of guilt when I implored my parents to help me buy an article of clothing (and it was even more difficult when the particular style didn’t cater to their conservative outlook, so it was a great liberating feeling to be able to personally attain things on my own. Tumblr essentially became my fashion Bible. I grew out of pinning my walls with magazine pages, adopted a minimalist approach (in terms of my walls), and started decorating in a more sophisticated and tasteful style. Even though I always set my own rhythm when it comes to my fashion choices, rather than necessarily following the current trends, I always looked to Tumblr for inspiration. At that time, who would have thought Tumblr could be such a powerful sharing and discovery platform for the fashion world? Slowly, my own Tumblr started following a vision (translation: it became a fashion Tumblr rather than an aimless post-whatever-looks-remotely-cool one) of its own as I began curating the best fashion-inspiration photos. You can call my Tumblr the mother of modern-day Pinterest, because that’s exactly what my Tumblr has been and still is: a photo collage of fashion photos that inspire me to both develop my own style and expand my creativity into recycling what’s already in my closet. You can also consider my Tumblr a precedent of this blog, because that’s also exactly what it is. I started my Tumblr in 2010, and after three years of just scrolling through other people’s blogs looking for inspiration, I was finally hit with the thought: “Why only reblog content when I can actively create content?” And so here we are today.


Now that I have those thoughts out of my system, I can move on to sharing my Sunday look.

The Portofino Shirt from Express. This is probably one of the best investments in my closet. Lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and stylish, it’s the perfect chameleon top: whether you’re in the mood for casual, business, or preppy, it’s the ideal piece of clothing to reach for. I almost hate Express for making this shirt in so many different colors, because it just creates this insane desire to buy them all! Here’s a helpful tip: jump on this when Express is hosting its 40%-off sale!

On this past Sunday, I chose to embrace the “casual Sunday” vibe and paired my pastel blue shirt (last seen here) with black shorts. Even though I was only heading to Chipotle for a quick dinner, I couldn’t resist adding some elevation with these Michael Antonio heeled sandals. The shoes, coupled with the collared shirt, upgraded my entire look and gave it a more polished edge, even with the untucked hem!

Looking forward to an all-new episode of Pretty Little Liars tonight. I also added a new show to my summer TV schedule! If you haven’t heard of Young & Hungry yet, starring Emily Osment (remember Lilly from Hannah Montana?!) and you love a good laugh, you now know what new show to look into!

DSC07516_2 DSC07507_2 DSC07508_2 DSC07511_2 DSC07513_2 DSC07514_2 DSC07515_2

Top: Express
Shorts: Victoria’s Secret
Heels: Michael Antonio
Wallet: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Accessories: Express cuff

Photos by Herman


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