Fun fact of the day #1: There is such thing as a Dumbo Octopus.

Fun fact of the day #2: I actually had another outfit article written up, but at the last minute, I decided to go with this one instead for today.

I figured that with Independence Day hurtling right around the corner, this would be a great transition into the July 4 celebrations. I know, it’s not exactly red, but the “burnt orange” look still kind of goes with the white and the blue, right? Okay, maybe I’m reaching a bit with the whole patriotic theme here, but nevertheless, this outfit is still a refreshing delight (minimalistic! lightweight!) during these hot summer days, and I have an actual Independence Day outfit planned anyways.

And speaking of hot summer days… lately, the heat has been making me so ridiculously thirsty and I just keep feeling the need to ingest liquids continuously, and the crazy thing is that water doesn’t even cut it! In two days, I’ve finished not one but TWO 59oz bottles of Simply Orange orange juice! Talk about a bloating problem…

DSC07528_2 DSC07546_2 DSC07525_2 DSC07529_2 DSC07530_2DSC07543_2 DSC07531_2DSC07537_2 DSC07545_2

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Express (also love this and this)
Sneakers: G by GUESS (similar here and here)

Photos by Herman


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