You would not believe the week I had.

The main event, which happened to be the worst event, was that my computer completely crashed… and it was so bad that my hard drive had to be wiped. Translation: everything disappeared, including all traces of my Windows operating system. I’m not exaggerating; my laptop essentially became a useless piece of dead machine.

But I’m not here to complain, because I was fortunate enough to have two amazing people salvage my files, restore my computer to a working mode, and install Windows 7 (goodbye Windows 8 – it was honestly nothing but trouble for me; however, I do admit I will miss some of its aspects considering I’ve gotten so used to it). There are still some frustrating kinks left to be resolved, but for now, I can update my blog! It’s a little crazy how much I actually missed blogging on here. But overall, I’m just insanely glad to have my laptop back. It was getting ridiculous having to do my daily internet business on my phone and tablet… my eyes are so tired from straining to read those little screens!

To close off for today, I shall briefly share this look from last week. It was a breezy but warm, muggy day, and I didn’t particularly relish feeling encumbered by sweaty and stuffy clothing, so this slightly cropped top from Tobi, with its amazingly light, breathable fabric, kept me a happy girl all day.

Lastly, here is a bit of advice: ALWAYS make sure you’re backing up your files. If you use Dropbox, like me, be sure to periodically check that Dropbox is indeed backing up your files. I made the mistake of just assuming it was doing the work this entire time when in fact it had stopped backing up last November!

Fingers crossed that all of my computer problems will be 100% successfully fixed ASAP!

DSC07673_2 DSC07674_2 DSC07689_2 DSC07648_2 DSC07652_2 DSC07677_2

Top: Tobi
Shorts: Express
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

Photos by Joselyn


8 thoughts on “SUMMERY CASUAL

  1. Hey! great post, love the look! I’m Jodie and I’m very interested in fashion and style ❤ I think you would like my posts, I would really love a follow back! Thanks! xx

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