Hello all – a quick outfit post to jump-start this week!

The other day, I stood in front of my clothes with this cool sleeveless blouse from Tobi in hand, mentally pairing different outfits together. During a sudden brainwave as my eyes locked onto my mint skater skirt (as seen here and here), I discovered that I could easily feign a one-piece dress by pairing two different articles of the same color! Originally, I was going to style the blouse with a pair of shorts (and heels, of course), but I figured that I might as well play along with the top’s romantic touch and make the entire outfit feminine and flirty.

On another note, I’ve been playing catch-up ever since my computer got fixed so you can expect a lot more outfit articles in the coming days to make up for the hiatus! Thank you for reading!

DSC07971_2 DSC07977_2 DSC07962_2 DSC07986_2DSC07964_2 DSC07965_2 DSC07972_2 DSC07973_2DSC07979_2DSC07991_2 DSC07996_2

Top: Tobi
Bottom: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar)
Jacket: Forever 21
Heels: Kurt Geiger (also love this style)
Bag: Kate Spade (similar here and here)
Accessories: Forever 21 belt

Photos by Herman


10 thoughts on “AND TWO BECOMES ONE

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