It’s been raging around 90degree weather lately and I’m just baking in my own sweat. Even at night, it’s hard to sleep because it’s always ridiculously muggy and hot, and I’m trying to avoid turning on the central air system to save money. Talk about sacrifice… for monetary gains. Ha. I guess I will simply never be a summer person.

But anyways, in my discomfort, I’ve been feeling very unproductive and sometimes, I find myself just sitting at my desk spacing out or doing menial things, like absentmindedly scrolling through Facebook without fully registering anything, or in this case, flicking through the photos on my computer. I came upon this set of photos that were taken a couple of weeks ago and never made it onto the blog, and I’ve decided to share it now because I’m truly missing that amazing ocean breeze (and that view!)! It was the perfect day to wear out my seafoam green maxi dress; the style was perfect for the beach, and the cut-outs gave it a unique edge (not to mention it helped keep me cool).

To close off – Have a great rest of your Thursday! Assuming that I don’t pass out from a heat stroke, be on the lookout for a new outfit post tomorrow to finish off the week!

DSC07751_2DSC07732_2DSC07759_2 DSC07784 DSC07799 DSC07724_2 DSC07725_2  DSC07736_2 DSC07756_2 DSC07766_2 DSC07800

Dress: Tobi
Jacket: Forever 21
Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita

Photos by Joselyn


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