“Letters to my Love.” That is the name of this dress on the Tobi website. I’m sitting here trying to figure out the meaning behind the name, but nothing comes to mind. Any takers? How does one normally go about to naming things anyway? What is the psychological reasoning behind choosing a suitable name? Is this too much deep thinking on a Friday morning?

Random name or not, the dress has gradually grown on me. It’s the perfect sun dress for this season, and thanks to its dark hue, it will still be appropriate come fall; I’ll just have to be creative in styling it for the cooler temperatures! The design itself is really special – for starters, the back boasts a really pretty double-strap racerback pattern, and I wish I had remembered to get shots of it (you can still view the back design on the Tobi website). Additionally, you may notice the asymmetrical hemline. Initially, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about that – it seemed too choppy and brought up images of a bunch of variegated rags haphazardly tied together to form a skirt (it also reminded me of Cinderella’s dress after her stepsisters tore it to pieces, but that’s just depressing). But after wearing it for a few hours, I decided that I quite liked the asymmetrical aspect. It’s definitely not something you see on your average dress or skirt, so it does add a bit of a head-turning effect, which is perfect for the fashion maverick!

DSC07901_2 DSC07908_2DSC07896_2 DSC07911_2DSC07894_2 DSC07897_2DSC07907_2DSC07910_2

Dress: Tobi
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
Heels: Kurt Geiger

Photos by Herman


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