First post of the week, and it just very well might be the last post of the week! Not only have I been feeling quite down from the series finale of True Blood, I’ve also been feeling a little under the weather with my right lower eyelid these couple of days. Something has apparently caused it to slightly swell up, and there’s some soreness when I blink and itchiness when I think about it (like now!). The swelling itself is not too noticeable, but the eyelid area is sporting a reddish shade and I can’t do anything to hide it since I’m trying to avoid letting any make-up touch that area for the time being.

But before all of that set in, I was able to squeeze in this particular shoot over the weekend with my sister featuring some old favorites: Express light wash boyfriend denim shorts with this casual yet statement sweatshirt from MANGO (sweatshirt winter look here). There’s just something so refreshing about a comfortable sweat top with relaxed bottoms and it also makes a staple weekend outfit. Win /win.

Other cool sweatshirts from MANGO:
Embellished ‘Voila’ Black Sweatshirt
”Tokyo’ Sequin Sweatshirt
‘Sorry I’m Not a Blogger’ Black Sweatshirt
‘Mon Cherie’ Embellished Sweatshirt
Cheetah ‘Chic’ Screen Print Sweatshirt
BALLON Cotton Sweatshirt
Mickey Sweatshirt
‘J’Adore Paris’ Printed Sweatshirt
‘Whatever’ Lightweight Sweatshirt
‘&’ Sequin Sweatshirt (favorite!)
‘Miau’ Cat Sweatshirt (favorite!)

Before I go into sharing the rest of the shots from this shoot, I want to direct your attention briefly to something that’s been recently added to my nightly skin care routine: the Exuviance Illumination Duo (special thanks to the NeoStrata team for sending me these samples)!


Created by Drs. Van Scott and Yu, prominent leaders in the field of cosmetic dermatology, Exuviance formulas strive to transform skin of all types with the antiaging magic of Glycolic Acid. The Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster intensifies the effects of the Evening Restorative Complex, and together, they help combat signs of aging as they fade the look of dark spots while improving skin firmness and overall condition (yes, wrinkles too!). Personally, I like to use these products right before bedtime, since the body does wonders in repairing itself as you sleep. As I’ve said before, it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin; your future self will thank you for that, and the Exuviance Illumination Duo is the perfect tool to jump-start that process!  

1. Pump a small amount of Evening Restorative Complex into the palm of your hand.

2. Mix in a few shakes of the Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster (do not exceed 5 shakes per use)
3. Gently smooth mixture over cleansed face and neck.
4. Done!

[Available at and ULTA stores nationwide]

As always, thanks for reading! Keep on reading to view the rest of the outfit photos!

DSC08601 DSC08656_2 DSC08654_2 DSC08553_2 DSC08577_2 DSC08503_2 DSC08524_2 DSC08530_2 DSC08646_2DSC08694_2 DSC08686_2

Sweatshirt: MANGO (similar)
Shorts: Express
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Brandless (similar here and here)

Photos by Joselyn


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