Good morning lovely readers!

If you haven’t tried on any of Me Too’s flats yet, you’re missing out! I’ve been wearing Me Too for over 3 years and they’re still my #1 go-to flat brand. Maybe it’s the ridiculously soft cushion in the soles, or maybe it’s the simple yet chic design, but either way, Me Too flats ensure both comfort and style. In fact, prior to the pair that you see me wearing in these photos, I had a very similar pair that I wore all over NYC and Taiwan, and trust me when I say that those trips involved a lot of walking! Those flats definitely saw a lot of miles, but they did their job well and kept away blisters, and when they had to be retired, I couldn’t find the exact same pair in my size so I opted for the ones here instead and they didn’t disappoint! With a slightly different design but with the same amazing comfort, these flats are perfect for either a lazy shoe day or one full of walking.

And speaking of walking… this past Saturday, H and I spent a good chunk of our afternoon getting away from the slumberous vibes of suburbia by heading into downtown Los Angeles for some scenic change and energy recharge (I love life in the quiet, safe surburbs but the prolonged monotony really dulls the mind sometimes). We had what I coined a “literary day” – we dropped by The Last Bookstore (really cool spot for you fellow passionate readers) and the Los Angeles Central Library. Parking is often a pain in the city, no matter what time of day, so in anticipation of much walking, I forwent my usual heeled footwear and instead went with my Me Too flats, which complemented well with an Express cropped denim vest layered over a simple Forever 21 v-neck tucked into a plain black circle skirt – the epitome of a sensible and casual attire!

Thanks for reading! Have a great Monday and cheers to the final few days of September!

DSC09590_2DSC09543DSC09553_2DSC09563 DSC09578_2 hhhhh DSC09589_2 DSC09594_2 DSC09595_2

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Asos (similar)
Vest: Express
Shoes: Me Too (similar, love these too)
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (similar)

Photos by Herman

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