You know those touristy souvenir items —  mugs, keychains, and even jewelry — that have your name engraved on them? Well, I don’t know about you, but I can almost never find anything with my name on it. I’ve already checked Disneyland, Las Vegas, New York, and even all of the airports and theme parks I’ve visited. No Josephine.

I guess maybe that’s why I got so excited when I received this beautiful gold bar name necklace from My Monogram Necklace with my name engraved. It reminds me of the Carrie necklace from Sex and the City, but the dainty chain and the gold bar shape add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication that I just adore. Even with such a minimal look, the necklace holds so much meaning because it’s a direct reflection of one’s identity, and – to me, at least – knowing your identity is one of life’s most important journeys, because I can’t imagine stumbling through life’s obstacles without a clear sense of who you are, and by that, I don’t mean identity as your first and last name. Identity, or specifically knowing your identity, is the accumulation of your experiences thus far and understanding your true passions and goals in life. By wearing my identity around my neck, I am reminded of what I need to do in order to achieve my dreams.

To show off my new necklace, a v-neckline was definitely called for. I’ve been really loving the blouses from Joie lately, because unlike many others I’ve seen, Joie silk blouses can easily transition from office-appropriate to weekend-friendly, and this particular ‘Braeden’ blouse, with all its subtle dots, is literally perfect for any occasion – all you need to worry about is narrowing down the countless ways of styling it. I purposely sized up for an oversized look simply because I love how the soft shape hangs from my frame. With the front hem casually tucked into light-washed denim shorts, it’s a simple but amazing alternative to the very common weekend v-neck + shorts combination you’d normally see. The next time you’re considering executing a smart splurge, just know that this Joie silk blouse (and let’s not forget the necklace!) is one qualified candidate for you.

DSC09882_2 bb DSC09877_2 DSC09883_2cc DSC09892_2DSC09906_2 aa DSC09898_2DSC09876_2

Top: Joie
Shorts: Express (similar here and here)
Under-tank: Hollister
Booties: Chelsea Crew (love this, this, and this)
Accessories: My Monogram gold bar necklace,
Tiffany & Co necklace, Kate Spade cuff,
Morgan de Toi watch

Photos by Herman


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