A. Studded Denim Jacket
B. Leaf Dangle Ear Cuff
C. T-Back Top
D. Tassel Envelope Clutch
E. Acid Wash Skinny Jeans
F. Olive Perfecto Jacket
G. Boxy Tee
H. Twin Dolman Top
I. Floral Knot Earrings

Good morning, all!

In the past, when it came to jeans, I’ve always played it safe by wearing strong, solid hued denim (black, charcoal grey, and dark blue, specifically), but this year I decided to switch things up a bit and found myself loving the greatness of acid wash jeans. Because I’m so selective when it comes to denim, it’s always a little difficult finding the perfect jeans with the perfect wash at the perfect (or nearly perfect) price. But then I came across a pair of beautifully washed jeans online at something called Mavy Savvy, and of course, I just had to share it with you all. Mavy Savvy, a new boutique based in Miami, specializes in trendy yet affordable clothing for the fashion-savvy girl, but perhaps the most unique element of the shop is that it takes “fast-fashion” to a new level – Mavy Savvy offers only a few pieces per item (up to 4 items per size for each product), so one would never have to worry about awkwardly bumping into another girl wearing the same exact blouse or dress (it’s happened to me before, and trust me when I say it’s awkward, because the only thing that ensues from the experience is uncomfortable avoidance of eye contact)!

Above, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite items from Mavy Savvy that would be the perfect partners for a good old pair of acid wash jeans. I’m obviously a huge fan of grey, as you can probably tell from my selections below, but I do admit that grey can sometimes look a bit dreary by itself, so it’s always a good idea to add some splashes of color into the outfit, whether it be metallic touches or graphic print.

Thank you for reading!

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