Uh oh. Guess who has two thumbs and just made a rookie tech error? This girl!

If you subscribe to my posts via email and are on top of reading/opening your emails, you probably already saw this post before I was ready to publish it. Yup, like I said, rookie tech error. That’s what happens when you have a slippery mouse and a click-happy hand that accidentally hits “Publish” instead of “Save Draft.”

But let’s move past that hiccup and resume normally…

There’s just something so cute and innocent about a pink/grey pairing, and because I love incorporating textures with color schemes, it’s even more fun when the grey embraces an acid wash look.

I’ve observed that it’s quite common to attribute acid wash with a moto/biker vibe,  but I decided to do my own take on it by embracing my beloved pink and grey theme with help from this Kimchi Blue oversized tie-front blouse from Urban Outfitters. As mentioned above, I love playing with textures, so pitting the subtly dotted blouse with the acid wash was a natural move on my part. The high open side slits create a flowy and dreamy silhouette, and with the light pastel colors from pink of the blouse and the grey of the denim, it only made sense to classify the outfit as a casually romantic look, fit for a modern-day princess.

By the way, as silly as it sounds, I just realized last night while watching the newest episode of Criminal Minds that Halloween is tomorrow! I’ve stopped partaking in the Halloween festivities, and I like to stay as far away as I can from scary movies and anything “haunted,” so maybe that’s why this holiday doesn’t have much of an impact on me. But for those of you who are still celebrating, I’d love to hear what you have planned for the big day! October is ending soon, so cherish these last couple of days before we find ourselves counting down the final two months of 2014!

6 DSC00619_225DSC00659_2 43DSC00669_21

Top: Kimchi Blue
Bottom: Express (similar)
Heels: Enzo Angiolini (similar)

Photos by Herman

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