On Friday morning, I had the honor of attending a press preview brunch, complete with dancers, live DJ, and a sparkly silver stage, to celebrate MAC Cosmetic’s new Heirloom Mix collection with Senior Artist Cynthia Rivas, and needless to say, it was most definitely a fun experience – just as I would have expected from MAC, the event itself was a beautiful work of art. In addition to previewing the new collection, I got to meet some fellow local bloggers and editors as well as some brilliant makeup artists that were specifically hand-chosen and flown into town by MAC to work the event.

With over 8,000,000 fans, MAC Cosmetics is the most popular beauty company on Facebook, and its products are crazily popular with beauty gurus and fashionistas alike. I personally love using MAC products (especially the eyeshadow) and I’m a huge advocate of its message to be creative and go beyond one’s comfort zone. Senior Artist Cyntha Rivas, who has done makeup for Valentino runway shows and for Iggy Azaela, even shared that one common mistake many people make with makeup is that they don’t experiment enough and tend to stay in the “safe zone.” Well, the new MAC Heirloom Mix collection, with its eye-catching colors and glittery details encased in refined black packaging collaged with silver sparkles and a cameo medallion, certainly encourages one to be courageous and imaginative. The collection consists of sophisticated hues for the face, eyes, nails, and lips, and I got the chance to have a first-hand experience of the pressed pigment eyeshadow thanks to my wonderful makeup artist Lex. There are eight available shades in the collection – Regal Affair, Nostalgic, Noble Descent, Noblesse Oblige, Prim & Proper, Modern Majesty, Enchantment, and Victorian Plum – but my favorite is Nostalgic, which is described as a “soft, light salmon beige,” perfect as a natural eyelid hue and for blending, with just the right amount of elegant shimmer.

In addition to the pressed pigment eyeshadow, I was also introduced to the Keepsake Eye Palettes, which are available in the following editions: Smoky Eyes, Beige Eyes, and Plum Eyes.

I may have physically walked away at the end of the event with a goody bag filled with an exclusive limited edition Heirloom Mix cameo necklace and a MAC Objects of Affection glitter kit, but I also left with my knowledge of makeup application expanded and my makeup wishlist elongated. Nostalgic pressed pigment eyeshadow: I have my eyes on you!

To see the other products from the new Heirloom Mix collection from MAC, head on over to the website!

And as always, thanks so much for reading! Happy first of November!

P.S. For my fellow Americans, don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour for Daylight Savings!

DSC01019DSC01029mac DSC01026 2 DSC01036 DSC01046 1DSC01075 DSC01081 DSC01085 DSC01093

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