Last week, I shared my findings from the glamorous M.A.C. Heirloom Mix Press Preview Brunch, and today, to follow up with that, I’m happy to share the the look I wore to the event. I actually was contemplating on wearing heels that morning for a full-on girly look, but to celebrate the first chilly day we’ve had in a while – and by chilly, I mean low 70s temperature, go figure – I opted for my Louise et Cie over-the-knee boots instead. I also finally got the chance to wear my new little white tee from Pim + Larkin, and with a white tee and a black pair of leather boots, it was only natural for me to gravitate towards an overall black-and-white color theme. To amp up the feminine look, I added on the MAC cameo necklace from my event swag bag to my ensemble, adding on a touch of vintage flair.

On another note, my Europe trip is coming up soon! As previously mentioned, London is one of the cities I will be lucky enough to visit, and in honor of today’s Pim + Larkin C’est la Vie shirt, I’m revealing another city on my list: Paris! As with London, Paris is definitely one of the European cities that one just HAS to visit on a first-timer trip, and after doing so much research on the city, I must admit I’m most excited for Paris out of all the cities I will be touring. During my researching/trip-planning, I’ve realized that although planning your own trip is crazily exhausting (especially if you have a Type A personality like me), it’s actually more rewarding than if you were to book a tour that figures out all the details for you. By researching and planning on your own, you learn so much more, and I think it ultimately offers you a different perception of the foreign city. But of course, local suggestions are always helpful, so if you have special recommendations for what to do/see/eat around town, I’d love to hear about them! The trip is hurtling around the corner faster than I can believe it, so be sure to follow me on Instagram for live updates once I embark on my vacation!

DSC01160_2kDSC01185_22 DSC01196_2DSC01242_2 ll

Top: Pim + Larkin
Skirt: Zara (similar)
Boots: Louise et Cie
Bag: Michael Kors (love this style)
Jewelry: MAC Cosmetics cameo necklace (similar),
GUESS watch (similar), Folli Follie bracelet, Forever 21 belt

Photos by Herman

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