DSC01952 Well, it’s not quite a Roman Holiday, but it’s still a holiday for me…in Milano, Italia! It’s been so long since my last post, but I was so busy getting ready for EUROPE, and now I’m here, finally accomplishing a dream that I’ve had ever since I was a little girl. The adventure’s just started, and I’m incredibly excited to see what’s in store for me for the next few days. I’m not sure how often I will be able to update during these days, since I just discovered that the outlets here are not the same as the ones back home, so if I can’t find an adapter, then my laptop will soon become a mere deadweight… But in the meantime, you can follow on my Instagram for live updates! The past two days have been a whirlwind, since I had a red-eye flight layover in rainy New York City and spent the day frantically hitting up some of my favorite spots in the city, and then afterwards, there was the flight to Milan. Basically, I only slept a total of 4 hours in the past two nights, and none of those hours were spent sleeping in a real bed but rather in a cramped airplane seat with people coughing, sniffing, and/or snoring all around me. But grumpy feelings were placated when I finally set foot in Milan and adrenaline took over – plus, I got complimented on my clothes within that first hour in the city! Even though this is my first time in Europe, I just always somehow knew my personal style embodied a certain European flair; from what I’ve seen thus far, my style is so much more similar to these Italian girls than to my fellow American peers back at home. I’m forever fond of an all-black look, as you can see from this outfit. There’s just something about an all-black wardrobe, complete with hosiery and a wool fedora, that screams European chic. I’m actually scrambling against time to finish up this post before my laptop completely dies, so I’ll save scenic photos and the accompanying write-up of my adventures in Milan for another time! Hopefully, I’ll see you soon! Wish me luck in finding an outlet adapter! Ciao! DSC01953DSC01979 DSC01969 DSC01982 DSC01966 DSC01976

Top: Mango
Skirt: Zara (similar)
Jacket: Mango (similar)
Boots: Steve Madden
Accessories: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag (similar),
Banana Republic hat (similar), Cole Haan scarf (similar)

Photos by Herman

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