Life has been crazy! With work, errands, and last-minute holiday gift shopping, December has been just whizzing past – faster than I would like it to!

On Monday, I showed you an easy trick of using a skinny belt to accentuate some curves into the silhouette of a chunky knitwear. Today, the principle is similar, except in lieu of outerwear, it’s an oversized scarf!

Inspired by Burberry’s Fall ’14 collection, and then repeatedly sported by fashion icon Olivia Palermo, belting your scarf is an amazing method to make even the most casual and simple outfits look polished. I’m in love with this Asos blanket scarf that’s reminiscent of a similar Zara one which sold out within days – not only is it super soft and warm, but it also boasts a beautiful color palette in plaid – perfect for the fall/winter mood! Initially, I did wish the length was slightly longer, but then I grew to appreciate this shorter look. The chunkiness adds some bulk to the torso area, and if the length was longer, my frame would actually look swallowed up underneath the scarf. And with a skinny belt wrapped around my midsection and over the plaid for some extra waist definition, the oversized scarf adds flair and tailored lines with my simple skater dress.

In a nutshell, always remember that just because most of the looks from high-end designers are not necessarily affordable, it doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from the collections and apply those same styling tactics to real life!

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of the week!

DSC03515_@lll_2 DSC03478_2 DSC03496_2 cats1 DSC03457_2 DSC03465_2 cats3 DSC03476_2 DSC03514_2

Dress: Forever 21 (cute alternatives here and here)
Scarf: Asos (similar here and here)
Bag: Michael Kors (similar here and here)
Boots: Steve Madden
Belt: Forever 21 (similar)

Photos by Herman

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