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If you live in Southern California like me, winter coats might not exactly be an absolute essential on your shopping list, considering the winters here can range from as low as 50F to as high as 80F. But, it’s always handy to have some staple coats hiding in your closet for that just-in-case moment, especially if you plan on travelling to colder lands this season! Here, I’ve rounded up the eight must-have coats every woman should have, all under a fantastic $200 apiece, that add some lift and spark into winter frostiness.

The Trench Coat

Classic Trench / Removable Liner Trench / Double-Breasted Trench
Classic Cotton Trench / Contrast Trim Trench / Hooded Trench

Perhaps forever THE classic coat piece, the trench is a popular choice with everyone from every region. Easily transitional and often waterproof, it’s both functional and delightfully sophisticated. I finally succumbed to the pull of the trench this season with one from Zara and I’ve been wearing it everywhere from the heart of London to the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Splurge: Burberry Mid-Length Wool/Cashmere Blend Trench Coat

The Duffle Coat

Faux Fur Trim Duffle / Luxe Faux Fur Trim Duffle / Skirted Duffle
Hooded Toggle Duffle / Seam Detail Duffle / Black Duffle

Easily recognized by its horn toggles, the cozy duffle coat often comes with a hood – perfect for warding off freezing winds. Casual but ultra sleek at the same time, especially if you get one that’s more form-fitting, it’s the ultimate winter downtown chic outerwear. I haven’t yet decided on my own duffle coat soulmate, but the six above are fabulous contenders.

Splurge: Burberry Straight Fit Duffle Coat in Black

The Parka

Khaki Parka / Faux Fur Hooded Parka / Hooded Faux Fur Trim Parka
Detachable Fur Arctic Parka / Layered Parka / Faux Shearling Parka

Oh how I love the olive parka. There’s just something so refreshingly masculine and fierce about it, especially when worn with combat/laceup boots! There’s the classic anorak, which is perfect for Los Angeles, but for chillier climates, you might want to opt for the heavier version that often comes with a fuzzy warm hood – a style inspired by polar regions.

Splurge: Mackage Chaska-F4 Long Black Down Parka

The Peacoat

Double-Breasted Pea Coat / Textured Pea Coat / Midi Pea Coat
Swing Pea Coat / Wool-Blend Pea Coat / Vintage Detailed Pea Coat

Forever a classic, this military-inspired wool coat features a flattering unisex shape and is often double-breasted. I own two different pea coats – one from Victoria’s Secret that’s yet to be featured on the blog, and one most recently seen in Paris – and I just can’t get enough of them! If you want to make an investment out of a pea coat, opt for one in a dark neutral color, like black, blue, or grey. And although pea coats usually hit at the hips, you just might find that longer lengths flatter your frame best.

Splurge: Jil Sander Wool Pea Coat

The Cape

Hooded Cape / English Nights Cape / Wool Blend Cape
Wool Blend Cape / Plush Faux Fur Cape / Alpaca Wool Blend Cape

This past year, capes have become all the rage. It might not necessarily keep your arms warm, but it sure is a stylish alternative to the classic pea coat. For a classic look, stick to a simple color without too many details and embellishments.

Splurge: Vionnet Wool-Cashmere Cape Coat

The Puffer

Fitted Down & Feather / Quilted Packable / Hooded Full Zip
Faux Fur Collar / Belted Down / Quilted Down Packable

It’s the ultimate water defender! If you’re facing rain or snow, this down-filled quilted puffer coat is the best bet for you. So far, I honestly have zero need whatsoever for a coat like this, but I do have a couple of lighter down-filled jackets from Uniqlo that have kept me toasty at nights, so I can only imagine how warm (and comfortable!) a puffer coat must be. Of course, this coat is more practical than stylish, so if you prefer risking a fever in the pursuit of trends, then you may want to pass on this…

Splurge: Moncler Belted Puffer Coat

The Camel Coat

Waterfall Camel / Midi Camel / Collarless Camel
Tastemaker Coat / Wool Blend Camel / Basic Camel

Like the trench and the pea coat, the camel coat is a timeless staple. It’s a lot warmer than the trench, and it can overlap with the pea coat, but one thing for sure is that it doesn’t steer far from the same trendiness and sophistication. Pair it with tall boots to exude some lasting impressions, or throw on some boyfriend jeans and pumps for some effortlessly cool vibes.

Splurge: Burberry Wool Blend Twill Camel Coat (also love this Cinzia Rocca Coat)

The Fur Coat

Collarless Faux Fur / Vintage Faux Fur / Luxe Faux Fur
Pink Faux Fur/ Borg Coat / Leopard Faux Fur

I’ve always been fond of faux fur coats (emphasis on the faux), and although I’ve tried on many, I have yet been able to find the perfect one that flatters my frame. However, if you are petite and/or have a relatively small chest, you may have an easier time finding the right fur coat. Just remember – fur coats, faux or not, are undoubtedly the best protector against cold weather in terms of coats and can last a long time if you take good care of them.

Splurge: Drome Reversible Shearling Coat (also love this similar Ravn Shearling Jacket)

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