Oh Monday… Mondays are usually the worst for me because not only does it feel like the busiest day of the week, but Mondays are also is the one day where I have to either starve myself or binge on snacks for lunch at work because I don’t have any dinner leftovers to bring (I cook every day during the week, so I can’t cook on the weekends. I just can’t). And so here I am on a Sunday night currently multi-tasking in writing and cooking because I can’t bear the thought of eating cookies and apple sauce again for Monday’s lunch. And because some of you might be wondering this and too polite to ask, I’ll just say this here: No, I’m not exactly a salad kind of girl. But I do admit salads would indeed make things a lot easier.

But anyways, today I wanted to share a weekend look that kept me warm and cozy through the past couple of rainy days. Last week, I shared the 8 different types of coats every woman should have, and in the article, I mentioned that I haven’t yet come across a fur coat that suited me. Well, I spoke too soon! When I was writing that post, this New Look faux shearling coat in cream was actually en route to me already but given my past experiences with oversized faux fur coats, I wasn’t too optimistic about this one. But as it turns out, the package arrived on Friday and I found myself loving it (have I mentioned how much I love UK brands?! Of course I have; you’re probably sick of me saying it by now. But seriously, check out New Look)! There’s a black version (and a bulkier version here), but I decided to stray away from my usual dark palettes and try out the cream look, which worked out perfectly with the new Kate Spade bag that H got me for Christmas.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of this week! Hopefully next time, I’ll have something a little more interesting than my lunch problems to share with you!

DSC02876 DSC02880 4 DSC028992DSC028861 DSC028923 DSC02912

Dress: Forever 21
Coat: New Look (similar here, splurge here)
Bag: Kate Spade
Booties: Madden Girl (similar)

Photos by Herman

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