With Valentine’s Day springing upon us in just under 4 weeks, I thought this would be a nice time to talk about jewelry and, specifically, what is commonly considered a woman’s best friend! There’s never really a wrong time for a diamond purchase; after all, they are considered as investments! Whether you’re thinking of procuring one as a gift for a friend, loved one, or even yourself (nothing wrong with that!), Anjolee just might be the perfect jewelry stop for you.

Anjolee is one of the largest diamond jewelry manufacturers in the United States. Founded in 1977, it originally sold its upscale products to wholesale and retail stores and consequently achieved much recognition as a leading manufacturer of high-end diamond jewelry. Its jewelry collection could and still can be found in numerous retail stores all across the United States, Canada, and some online sites.  In 2008, the company launched its official website, which includes an extensive collection of bridal jewelry, rings, diamond bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and diamond pendants. Based in San Diego, Anjolee still currently serves as the original manufacturer of all jewelry designs on its website, thus allowing consumers to purchase directly without any middle-man markups.

But what sets Anjolee apart the most from other jewelry retailers is that it is the only jewelry website with a unique customization system that gives customers the opportunity to custom-build the design of their choice. Based on taste and budget, customers can choose among 7 types of metal, various carat weights, diamond quality and size. In addition, the website offers detailed 360 degree views of the jewelry items, providing customers the ability to make careful considerations prior to purchasing. Because of this unique feature, Anjolee creates each jewelry item after the customer finalizes the order, ensuring that the end product is not only beautiful and of the utmost high quality but also all-around unique and personalized.

And even if you’re not exactly a diamond connoisseur, fret not! One of my favorite features of the site resides in a little window under the name “Educational.” Here, one can learn all about diamonds (anatomy, the 4 C’s, etc), general jewelry (gold vs platninum, setting, care, and more), and the 101 on buying your next luxury jewelry item. There’s even a glossary to make things a little more translucent!

Below, I’ve curated my favorite pieces from each category that Anjolee carries. Perhaps you can use it as a gift-giving guide for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or birthday. Either way, it’s always time well spent ooh-ing and aah-ing over gorgeous diamond jewelry!


1. Six Prong Solitaire Ring / 2. Six Prong Center Stone Ring / 3. Split Shank Princess Cut Ring / 4. Alluring Diamond Band / 5. Endless Love Diamond Ring / 6. Dazzling Three Row Ring / 7. Princess Cut Gemstone and Diamond Ring / 8. Rounded Band 3 Stone Ring / 9. Timeless Round Ring with Side Diamonds / 10. Swirl Diamond Ring


1. Offset Square Diamond Pendant / 2. Life is Great Journey Necklace / 3. Circle of Love Diamond Pendant / 4. Three Prong 3 Stone pendant / 5. Solid Curve Diamond Journey Necklace / 6. Diamond Detail Heart Pendant / 7. Magnolia Diamond Pendant Necklace / 8. Gemstone Center Horizontal Diamond Pendant / 9. Graduated Red Carpet Diamond Necklace / 10. Perpetual Romance Journey Necklace


1. Diamonds in Diamond Earrings / 2. Diamond Drop Diamond Earrings / 3. Solitaire Teardrop Designer Diamond Earring / 4. Diamond Wave Hoop Earrings / 5. Essential Gemstone Diamond Hoop Earrings / 6. Gemstone and Diamond Shephard Hook Earrings / 7. Channel Set Princess Diamond Hoop Earrings / 8. Open Double Leaf Diamond Drop Earrings / 9. Graduated Diamond Journey Earrings / 10. Must Have Diamond Hoop Earrings


1. Double Circle Channel Bracelet / 2. Classic Four Prong Tennis Bracelet / 3. Flower Link Diamond Bracelet / 4. Two Tone Diamond Track Bracelet / 5. Elliptical Link Gemstone and Diamond Bracelet / 6. Classic Twist Diamond and Gemstone Bracelet / 7. Single Shiny Diamond Bangle / 8. Legendary Curved Diamond Bangle / 9. Open Link Diamond Trio Bracelet / 10. Classic Diamond Link Bracelet

Anjolee – The Art of Jewelry
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Special thanks to Anjolee for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not indicative of Anjolee.

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