Sometimes, I don’t think I’m thankful enough that I have the freedom to dress how I want (you know, to an extent) at my job. Instead of being stuffy all day in pantsuits, pumps, pencil skirts, or some other kind of  uniform, I can have the choice of incorporating lowkey “off-duty” looks into my workday wardrobe, as seen here with a super comfortable loose-fitting utility shirt over black jeans and wedge sneakers.

I’m usually not a big fan of jeans, just because it’s a huge pain in the youknowwhat shopping for jeans that fit well and look good, but when I come across a pair I like, it basically becomes the only pair that I wear…on the few days that I decide to wear jeans. But on the rare occasion that I shop for jeans, here are some of the things I keep in mind to make the experience a little more pleasant and easier:

Size down: If you’re trying on jeans and they’re on the tighter side, don’t worry about it, unless it’s cutting off your circulation… or over-squeezing out your muffin tops. Jeans stretch with each wear, so like a good pair of shoe, once you break them in, it’s easy-going from there.

Try new things: Experiment with different fits and washes. Take a picture of yourself in your new jeans and take a good look, or ask your buddy for a second opinion! Also, don’t just stick with your go-to brands. Different designers offer different fit/comfort, so expand your choices and just try everything!

Forget about the length: At least, don’t make it a priority. You can always get your jeans hemmed, or you can cut/cuff them into cropped styles. If you’re going for cropped denim, try a pair that hits at the slimmest part of your ankle for the most flattering effect.

Look both ways: How a pair of jeans makes your rear end look is just as important as how it makes your front look.

And of course, once you find a pair of jeans that makes you happy, stock up! I’m actually in need of another denim shopping trip soon…

Some of my favorite denim:
Olivia Bootcut Jeans / American Eagle Hi-Rise Jeggings / Banana Republic Boyfriend Jeans / J Brand Stocking Jean

DSC04858_@ DSC04908_2DSC04861_22 DSC04891_2 DSC04938_2 DSC04982_33 DSC04922_2 DSC04984_2

Top: Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans: American Eagle
Sneakers: Kurt Geiger (similar here and here)
Jewelry: Rocksbox ring (sign up with code josephinejehxoxo to get your first month free!),
Tiffany & Co ring + necklace, Forever 21 necklace

Photos by Herman

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