For once, Southern California has gotten the memo for appropriate weather! I can’t fully express how HAPPY I am with the recent cool temperatures. This whole week, I’m just contently snuggling in my sweater dresses, pullovers, and booties – no complaints at all!

These photos were taken last week when it was still relatively warm, so I dressed appropriately with a simple fit-and-flare dress and one of the newest things I can’t stop wearing – my chiffon long knit vest! It’s amazing how versatile and powerful a vest can be – depending on the type, it can easily polish up a simple look!

And speaking of amazing… I recently encountered an aggravating incident in which one of my parcels apparently got placed by the mail carrier into the wrong mailbox, and instead of coming forward and returning my package, that particular neighbor (I still have no idea who it was!) decided to remain silent and keep the package for herself! The package was a delivery from Rocksbox (recall my previous post where I introduced Rocksbox as an amazing jewelry styling service that sends you unlimited designer jewelry items curated to your taste), so naturally, the box contained $100+ worth of jewelry. After an agonizing week of following up with the post office’s investigation, I received word that there wasn’t much that the postal service could do, and so with a heavy heart and prepared to have the supervisor of the post office provide any necessary paperwork if the need arose, I broke the news to the Rocksbox team. To my surprise and great relief, they handled the problem with ease and professionalism and not only did they not insinuate anything towards me, but they also immediately sent out a replacement package, no questions asked! I was taken by surprise at their trust (all the while still harboring an inexplicable amount of disdain towards Neighbor Thief), and their quick response only made me a much bigger fan of Rocksbox.

Although I realize that this outfit looks figure-skater-inspired (it was completely unplanned!) you can see me wearing my replacement set of jewelry from Rocksbox. For a limited time, you can try out all the perks of Rocksbox (free shipping both ways, $10 freebie to spend each month, amazing personalized customer service, beautiful jewelry styles, and more!) FREE for your first month when you sign up here with my code josephinejehxoxo. Completely risk-free, super fun, and 100% worth it.

And if there is a lesson to be learned from my experience, here it is: strive to give others the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, be wary of people’s dishonest tendencies; you never know who just might be a mail thief!

DSC05742_2 DSC05585_2 DSC05659_2 DSC05624_2 DSC05657_2 DSC05676_2 DSC05683_2 DSC05708_2 DSC05758_2 DSC05746_2

Dress: Forever 21
Vest: Nordstrom
Bag: Kate Spade (similar)
Shoes: Marc Fisher
Jewelry: c/o Rocksbox

Photos by H

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  1. omg those heels are to die for!! I have to go out and buy some for myself. Btw, I can’t believe that happened to you!
    Around christmas time, UPS dropped off a brand new bike (frozen theme haha) and I asked my dad jokingly if he bought it for me. Apparently, they dropped it off at the wrong address and the next day we got a letter in the mail asking us to return it to walmart so the original buyer could grab it from walmart. Of course we returned it.
    But the staff over at Rocksbox seem so friendly and nice, and im glad it all got taken care of!

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