A couple of weeks ago, I decided to forgo my usual weekend heels and instead opt for some comfortable flat footwear to explore a new part of town. Bright whites have been all the rage lately, and I suddenly found myself having a shoe deja vu: I was once again wearing  my high school choice of footwear: Adidas sneakers!

I literally wore my Adidas every day in high school, whether it was to school, to after-school extra curriculars (best shoe for hospital volunteering!), or to weekend hangouts. Once my sneakers completely wore down, I just threw them out and bought a new pair in the exact same white color. So as you can see, I have quite the soft spot and long history with Adidas sneakers, so it came as no big surprise that I would decide to pick up these Adidas Neo sneakers and add them to my shoe collection without much of a hesitation. White sneakers may be the favored fashion footwear silhouette this season, but to me, they’ll always be a timeless style that not only complements but also adds a cool laid-back vibe to everything.

If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration to help you bust out your throwback shoes, here’s a great list to peruse!

DSC07176_2 DSC07224_2 DSC07230_2 DSC07232_2 DSC07260_2 DSC07264_2 DSC07282

Top: StyleSaint
Vest: Forever 21 (similar here, here, and here)
Skirt: Missguided UK (similar)
Sneakers: Adidas
Bag: J. Crew

Photos by H

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