How is it not Friday yet? I feel like this week has been slowly trudging by, and I can’t wait to kick off the non-stop activities that this weekend has in store for me. It’s a little intimidating, considering I won’t have much time to relax and enjoy those two days off work, but I’m not complaining! However, I did get a tease of the craziness last night when I was trying on different necklaces to prepare for one of my weekend events, and in my stupidity, I unclasped one of them over my bathroom sink and I dropped the necklace…down the drain!! There was a moment where I just shut my eyes and froze and debated on how to fix the problem, and ultimately I decided to try my hand at being the house handywoman and pull apart my sink pipes in an effort to retrieve my necklace. Thank goodness for Google and www.handymanhowto.com, but wow, that was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve had to do in a while! Long story short, after unscrewing the j-bend pipe, I found a lot of foul black water, reeking hair clumps, and two tarnished safety pins that I know for a fact I’m not responsible for (although I would prefer not to think that some of the drain gunk was from the previous tenants because that is just repulsive), and my necklace! Either way, I’ve learned my lesson: don’t play with necklaces over the sink! And I can add “un-installing sink drain” to my household repertoire.

Anyways, after that bit of a sidebar, today I wanted to share a must-have closet staple: a white button-down shirt! We may have different definitions of what “basic pieces” entail, but one thing is certain – a basic piece should be something that 1) can be worn again and again, regardless of season, 2) match practically all of your ensembles, and 2) without it, your closet would be severely lacking in a certain je ne sais quoi. Trend-driven pieces are always cool, but basic pieces, like a white button-down shirt, are worth investing in and provide a clean, timeless appeal.

I personally love the shirts that Express offers, especially this soft crepe blouse. It offers the quality and chic factor that many designer tops provide but at a great fraction of that designer cost. As much as I love white blouses, I was recently quite surprised to realize that I actually didn’t own any white shirts! The closest thing that came to it was an off-white Portofino Shirt from Express, but it still wasn’t the crisp white color that I love so much, and so without much hesitation, I grabbed one during Express’ 40%-off Memorial Weekend sale. A white button-down is so versatile – it can anchor any outfit (weekend brunch, work elegance, date night, movie-hopping, park picnic, even beach outings!) and no matter what accessories or colors you pair it with, it always miraculously matches and flatters. Here, I chose to style it with dashes of nude in the form of patent pumps and minimalist crossbody for a casual chic vibe.. perfect for a steak dinner date! And in case you were wondering…. yes, there is a mysterious shadow on my face that didn’t show up when we were reviewing the photos in the camera. It certainly wasn’t visible when we shot these images, so I’m still unsure where the shadow came from… Dun dun dun…….!

DSC08758_2 DSC08720_2 DSC08755_2 DSC08769_2

Top: Express (love this and this too)
Jeans: Nordstrom
Bag: J. Crew
Heels: Isaac Mizrahi

Photos by H

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