A few weeks ago, I ordered two little neckerchiefs from J. Crew – one in blue and the other one in the pink/red colorblock design you see in these photos – since I wanted to compare the colors in person before deciding on which one to keep. Well, when I went to go return the blue one in stores, the sales associate, to my amusement, was so confused!

“Is this… men’s?” she asked, her brow furrowing as she attempted to figure out the nature of the strange blue cloth I held out in front of her.

“No, it’s a neckerchief! You know, like a little scarf?”

“Oh okay.” It was very clear she was still having trouble coming to terms with it, and I was tempted to launch into a full-on monologue showing her the different ways it could be used to accessorize an outfit… but then I decided to save her from having to politely nod and hear me bumble through my words like a crazy person.

The name “neckerchief” might be a little esoteric, but essentially, it’s a scarf – a square cloth worn around the neck. You can also think of it as a bandana… but one that is worn at the neck level. It’s a great transitional piece to try, seeing as it is lightweight enough for the cooler summer days and also can be a colorful addition to a layered autumn look. There are also numerous ways to wear it, but here I chose to start off simple by knotting it a la Hermès method (think: Gavroche):

  1. Lay the scarf flat in a diamond shape. Bring the bottom point to the top, forming a triangle.
  2. Fold the top point down to the center of the base, then fold down twice more.
  3. Tie a single loose knot on the right side, leaving a bit of the scarf showing.
  4. Wrap the scarf around your neck, threading the unknotted side through the knot.
  5. Tighten to your heart’s desire!

I already have a couple of other ideas on how to style the neckerchief in the future (I’m thinking of trying it knotted in the front with the ends hanging down next time). It’s always so fun to play with different accessories – in this case, it’s so refreshing swapping out statement necklaces for a colorful neckerchief!

DSC01245_2 DSC01255_2 DSC01175_2 DSC01235_2 DSC01263_2

Tank: c/o Wearall
Shirt: Banana Republic
Scarf: J. Crew
Jeans: American Eagle
Flats: Restricted

Photos by H

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