Happy Wednesday!

So many times I find myself becoming hot with frustration while I stand in front of my clothes with great angst – “I hate all of my clothes! I can’t wear any of this today!” I constantly find myself wailing to no one in particular. And because I don’t have an endless budget for constant closet turnovers, I’m forced to do the next best thing: delve deep into the creative side of my brain and create new ways to wear my often-tired clothes.

I hadn’t worn this high-low dress in a while (I dare say it’s almost been a year!) mainly because I often felt it was too dressy for everyday-wear. You can’t see it here, but the dress also features cut-outs across the waist, and I often just don’t feel comfortable flashing my midsection, especially since half of my waking time is spent at work and/or in locations where a peekaboo waist is simply deemed inappropriate. But the other day, I had a brainwave – I could easily downplay the formality and hide the cut-outs with a classic button-down shirt over the dress! To highlight the waistline and keep the silhouette tailored, I simply tied a knot at the front. Voila. Perfect classy summer look. Dreamy with the flowy high-low, yet down-to-earth with the utility button-down shirt.

It’s definitely not an avant-garde concept by any means, but front-tying any old button-down gives the shirt a new life and opens up so many more outfit options. Hopefully this helps inspire some new ways to wear the existing clothes in your closet! Just remember, many items can be worn in more than one ways; don’t put limitations on yourself and your clothes!

(P.S. Don’t know if you realized it, but got a bit of a face-lift!)

Shirt: Banana Republic
Dress: Forever 21 (in love with this, this and this)
Shoes: Kurt Geiger (similar)
Bag: Kate Spade (similar)

Photos by H

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