Greetings from a very messy box-filled room!

I’m currently in the midst of moving, and it has not been the most fun activity. I do not function well in a messy setting, especially in a situation where I can’t seem to find anything that I need (but then again, I guess that’s my fault for not labeling my boxes and then dumping them haphazardly around multiple rooms) so I’m just briefly checking in with you all in the form of this collegiate-inspired look!

After being out of college for a good while now, I always feel somewhat bittersweet around this time of year with all the back-to-school events. For those of you in need of a grown-up’s version of collegiate-inspired attire, take a quick look at these options below. I’ve always been a fan of simple black dresses that easily allow for multiple transitional looks, whether it’s by tying a shirt around the waist or accessorizing with structured pieces, and this look can easily transition from college years to adult days by upgrading to more luxurious fabrics, embracing statement pieces, and opting for longer hemlines.

ADenim Boyfriend Shirt / Retro Sunglasses / Oversized Plaid Shirt
Structured Leather Backpack / A-Line Pinafore Dress / Cricket Sweater

Loafer Shoes / Trapeze Dress / Suede Saddle Shoulder Bag
Suede Jacket / Plaid Mini Skirt / Striped Shirt Dress

In addition, you can refer back to this post from a few months ago in which I offer suggestions on upgrading your collegiate wardrobe to better fit your adult life!

Thanks so much for reading! Talk to you soon!


Dress: Lush
Shirt: Express
Boots: Sam Edelman
Clutch: She + Lo
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Photos by H

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