Oh birthday presents…

Sometimes, it’s just so difficult finding THE right gift for someone, especially if that person 1) has everything he/she wants, 2) has no hesitation buying whatever it is that he/she wants (thereby giving you no opportunity to gift it instead), or 3) simply just doesn’t care too much for tangible gifts. H happens to be the combination of all three, and as his birthday rolled around, I brainstormed a little outside the usual box and came up with a brilliant idea that lined up perfectly with his interests: a helicopter tour!

We both place high value on new experiences (as opposed to spending that same amount of money on trendy material goods, for example), and I wanted this year’s birthday celebration to be a little different. Enlisting the help of OC Helicopters, I secretly booked the Laguna Beach Tour (includes views of the Orange County beaches and harbors, luxury homes, elite golf clubs, and some coastal landmarks). Even though I was bursting to tell him the plans, I let his birthday to quietly come and pass at the risk of being judged as the worst girlfriend ever, and a week later, I took him to the airfield (OK, he drove; I simply navigated) for the surprise!

If you’ve never flown in a helicopter before, I highly recommend it. It’s such a memorable experience that’s so different from anything else, and it makes for such a great surprise present! I had already conversed with OC Helicopters, and not only did they happily arranged it so the birthday boy could sit up front with the pilot (AKA the seat with THE BEST view), but they also handled everything professionally and good-naturedly, providing amazing service from start to finish. We were also incredibly lucky with the weather conditions – it was such a beautiful, clear day with brilliantly blue ocean water. These photos certainly don’t do the view and experience much justice, but I hope you will still enjoy them and maybe even become inspired to schedule your own helicopter experience one day!

OC Helicopters
Atlantic Executive Terminal, John Wayne Airport
19711 Campus Dr
Ste 260
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Thank you so much for reading!



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