It’s been too long since I last checked in! I’ve been taking a little writing break and using this hiatus to catch up on some work and preparations (I’m moving again! But more on that next time) and also spending much-needed time with family.

We often accidentally take time for granted, and now that the year is winding down, it’s more important than ever to catch up on lost time with loved ones and even with yourself during this holiday season. As a religious watch-wearer, I feel like I’m always tethered to time, constantly obsessing over it to make sure I adhere to a strict schedule, yet I still sometimes miraculously find myself losing track of time. In a world where most individuals now rely on their mobile phones as their clocks, I find that watches are often used more as a piece of accessory, purely for aesthetics rather than for function. However, I still value these time pieces mainly for the latter purpose. I’ll always remember when I first received my first watch – I was just starting the first grade, and my parents gave me a blue Cinderella watch for my birthday that I wore every day until it finally broke. Throughout the years, that little blue Disney time piece evolved in appearance, and today, it takes on the form of a Larsson & Jennings Classic 40mm watch in silver chain metal. Masculine yet delicate, its forever classic unisex design embodies contemporary luxury and simple romance by combining timeless British aesthetic with Swedish minimalist craftsmanship. It also features a one-size-fits-all strap that can be easily adjusted, even for someone with a notoriously small wrist like mine.

Watches are often underrated, but when chosen correctly, they easily add a bit of charm and intrigue to your look, as seen with all of Larsson & Jenning watches. You can view the entire collection here, or you can also easily shop them at Nordstrom.

DSC05047_2 DSC05069_2 DSC05094_2 DSC05104_2DSC05086_23 DSC05166_2 DSC05146_2

Top: Express
Skirt: Asos
Jacket: Mango (similar)
Bag: Mansur Gavriel
Boots: Tahari (similar; love these velvet ones!)
Watch: Larsson & Jennings

Photos by H

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